REACH Niagara is busting some common myths people have about homelessness and marginalized populations. When we better understand one another, we can create supportive communities for all. 

Myth: Homelessness is a small issue

With the rising cost of living, the risk of homelessness is looming or already a reality for many people right here in Niagara. As of April 2023, more than 650 individuals in Niagara are homeless, 120 of which are children (United Way). 

And this doesn’t even account for those with unstable housing, including those couch surfing, living in their vehicles, and sharing small spaces with many people. Commonly called ‘hidden homelessness’ – these folks experience the many challenges that come with not knowing where you’re going to sleep, eat, bathe, and rest. Some studies estimate that for every one person experiencing homelessness, three people are experiencing hidden homelessness (Homeless Hub).  

This is not an issue Canadians are able to ignore. A recent poll found that more than 25% of Canadians are worried about paying their housing costs every month (Canadian Alliance to End Homelessness).

When people are homeless, they have fewer points to access healthcare. Oftentimes, folks end up in the Emergency Departments and Urgent Care Centres or go without care for conditions that could range from mild to life-threatening. 

What REACH Niagara is doing is providing a place where those struggling can receive judgment-free care. We remove common barriers by going to where the need exists and not requiring a health card or appointment. 

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